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Best Cat Litter Reviews

If you are a cat owner, then chances are that you are looking for the best cat litter for your cat. Understandably so because, having a good cat litter make a lot of difference, be it for your cat or for you as the cat owner.

Cats are fuzzy animals and when it comes to cat litter, they would make sure that they have a say in your choice of a cat litter. If they don't like the cat litter that you have chosen, then they would "tell" you so! That's when you get to see your cat doing their business in all places other than the litter box!

For cat owners, like yourself, you would definitely not want your house to smell like a toilet of ammonia smell, hence, your preference would be to opt for one that is able to control urine and stools odour.

The following list of tips should allow you to choose the cat litter that’s right for you and your feline companion. Careful selection will make your cat happy, and you’ll have an easier time keeping things clean and fresh-smelling around the house.

When purchasing a brand of cat litter, here are some things to think about:

  1. How much does it cost. Take note that expensive doesn't necessarily mean that it's good.
  2. Does the cat litter produce a lot of dust and tracking? If it does, then may not be a good choice because it may create respiratory problem in your cats. Also, if produces a lot of tracking, then you may have a hard time cleaning up after your kitty after each use of the litter box.
  3. The texture of the cat litter. Does It appeal to your kitty? Texture is also very important. In general, most cats prefer litter which feels like sand beneath their feet. Brands of soft litter are easier on the cat’s paws, and makes it more likely that they’ll dig in it (both before and after they complete their business).
  4. Is the litter environmentally friendly and can it be disposed off easily?
  5. Is it made of natural products or is it a synthetic one? A natural product would be safer for your cats as they tend to lick off the cat litter from their paws after a visit to the litter box.
  6. Is the cat litter perfumed or odourless? Take note that some cats are sensitive to perfumes and the presences of fragrance from the litter may cause some allergies in sensitive cats.
  7. Is the litter able to cover up the small of your cat's urine. This is an important concern of all cat owners because you definitely would not like your whole house smelling of ammonia.

With these in mind, here is list of popular cat litters that you can choose from. It's important to choose the best cat litter that suits both yourself and your cat.