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Fresh Step Cat Litter

Fresh Step cat Litter

For multi-cats household, keeping the litter box clean and smell free seems like a never ending chore. I have 6 cats and you can imagine the smell from the litter box if I were to leave it unclean for a day. And for that matter, I find it terribly embarrassing should friends or guests show up and find that the house smells like cat or even worse, smells like cat urine or cat feces! So, odor control ability of a cat litter is of great importance to me.


I’ve tried many different brands of cat litters but so far none has been satisfactory in terms of odor control. The best that I have used that somehow could reduce the smell so far are feline pine and worlds best cat litter. However, I’ve yet to find one that could cover the litter box smell completely, that is, if there is such a one available.


So when I saw Fresh Step Cat Litter that claims that its odor eliminating carbon, could keep litter box fresh smelling all times, I decided to give it a try.


When I first got my box of Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter, I noticed a fresh scent when I opened it. It smells something like baking soda which literally filled the room with its fresh scent. Well, I did not expect much and was thinking that by the end of the day, it would smell just like it used to be i.e. urine and feces smell after my 6 cats visits to the litter box.


But what greeted the day I came home was not the awful smell that I’m used to smelling when I come home after work. Instead, I smell nothing at all. No offensive stench from the litter box. 


“It must be that my cats have refused to use the new cat litter and that’s why it’s still clean” I thought.


I went to the litter box expecting to see urine or feces but to my surprise, there were lumps of cat litter, apparently lumps formed from absorbing the cat’s urine and some patches of cat feces. No nasty urine smell, nothing at all.


One thing that I have noticed is that the Fresh Step Cat Litter doesn’t stick hard to the litter box compared to other clay type clumping cat litter which makes washing of the litter box easy. The only drawback I would say is the tracking of the litter. Not excessive but noticeable and I still have to sweep them off from the floor.


Fresh Step Cat litter comes in various types:


Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter, which are based on either bentonite clays or cedar; 
Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter- which is 30% less weight than the normal clay litter
Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter, a non clumping litter that’s based on silica gel. 


I use the clumping type for its conveniences, cost and effectiveness. It contains activated carbon, one of the most commonly and widely used odor control adsorbents. It is used to remove unwanted compounds from gases and liquids. Each gram of highly porous activated carbon can have 5000 square feet or more of surface area, which allows activated carbon to adsorb more than half its weight of odor causing compounds.


Fresh Step Cat Litters are also low dust and overall, it is a premium product that comes highly recommended by many cat owners who have written rave reviews about it. If odor control is your prime concern, then Fresh Step Cat Litter would no doubt be your choice of a cat litter.


The company also puts a coupon in each pack of litter. It's not a discount coupon, but is worth "Paw Points" that are redeemable for products through the website. I've gotton several rewards and they are great. I highly recommend this litter!


There are great Discount for Fresh Step Cat Litters at Amazon. make sure you check it out:





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